In June 2010 I was invited by Sis. Donna Humphries to attend HeavenGates Ministries 1st Annual Women’s Conference held December 3, 2010, in Pittsburgh, PA; and of course I didn’t know what to expect. It was during the time when the ministry gave gifts that I was given a book; it wasn’t that Sister Donna gave me a book but the fact that the Lord spoke through her about forgiveness. I remember she said, “this is for a person that always says why should I be the one to apologize when I haven’t done anything wrong” and she called my name; that broke me down and I started crying like a baby because who else would know that but God. From that moment on my life was changing I just didn’t know it. I took the book home, unwrapped it; it was called “The Bait of Satan: Overcoming the Deadly Trap of Offense.” I opened it to page two and was crying like a baby; it was talking about the lies and tricks that Satan uses to keep you in bondage. All those years of unforgiveness in my heart was holding me back from really giving myself to God. HeavenGates Ministries’ conferences since then have only inspired me and helped me build my faith because I always seem to get directed by God to go to the right workshops. At the 12/14/13 conference I was led to the workshop entitled, Lip Sync and I learned that fear is keeping me back from really enjoying God’s grace in my life. Taking one day at a time and asking God to help me, I believe that he has already done the work and it will manifest itself in my life with time. I thank God for Sister Donna and what she is doing in the lives of women and God’s Church as a whole. To God be The Glory forever more. Amen!

Our Mission

Provide a sanctuary for female offenders and indigent women seeking to be reconciled with their families and society, through the use of faith-based Biblical principles.

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At a time in my life when I could not see an end to my woes, and it seemed that the gates of Hell had prevailed against me, HeavenGates was a refuge for me and my two daughters. It was a spiritual hav… Read more
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