Embracing the Blessings and Promises -December 14, 2013


Elder Raleigh Winfield
Zion of Assembly of Harrisburg
2105 N. Fifth St, Harrisburg, PA

Conference Scripture:  (Numbers 13:30)

Corrective Lens (seeing things God’s way)

Evangelist Karen Weedon, Mt. Zion Church of God In Christ, Harrisburg, PA

Help My Unbelief (binding the spirit of doubt & double mindedness)

Elder Elaine McPherson, Zion Assembly of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA

Lip Sync (true or false, right or wrong; what does God say)

Elder Lavender, Faith Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ, Harrisburg, PA

Living Pass the Past Hurts (delivered and loving it)

Sister Sonya Baltimore, Zion Assembly of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA

No More Shackles (living a life of freedom)

Sister Marsha Banks, Director, Americal4Sure, Harrisburg, PA

Slay It or Be Slayed (tearing down strongholds)

Rev. Patricia Scott, Raleigh, NC

Who Are You? (seeing yourself as God sees you)

Sister Pat Paxton, Director, Lighthouse Outreach Center of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA

Ministry of Dance:

Sister Gwendolyn J. Holland, The Lord’s Court, Harrisburg, PA, danced unto the Lord with her wings of praise which gave the appearance of an angelic being in the sanctuary.


Minister Rena Harden, New Birth Christian Fellowship, Harrisburg, PA,, allowed the anointing of the Holy Spirit to rest upon her and led the participants through a time of not only worship, but also of deliverance and healing. It made one feel as though they were in the Old Testament days when David played his instrument for King Saul.


Health Screenings, PinnacleHealth System
Cancer Awareness, CATALYST
Transitional Housing, Lighthouse Outreach Center of Harrisburg


Silver: Highmark Blue Shield
Bronze: Members 1st Federal Credit Union

Due to the severity of the weather forecast, the Mistress of Ceremony (Evangelist Tonya Humphries, Allentown, PA), Keynote Speaker, Elder Rita Coleman (New Life and Spirit Revival Center, Erie, PA), Rev. Patricia Scott, Raleigh, NC and a number of vendors (Dauphin County Area on Aging, Dauphin County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services, Hamilton Health Center: Hope Program (HIV/AIDs), and the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg, Domestic Violence Program) were not able to be with us.

Rev. Donna Humphries, Founder/President, closed the session out with the intertwining of the workshop topics as an overview stating that the keynote address was presented by the move of the Holy Spirit. She thanked those that came out in spite of the weather and gave a sincere thank you to Yummy Tummy for catering the event and to the committee for their assistance in making sure that all went well. She expressed her thanks also to Zion Assembly of Harrisburg for allowing HeavenGates the use of their facility.

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